Covid-19 Update

We have all had to make adjustments to the new reality which appears to be 'living with Covid' and here at Bryn Melyn we take our responsibilities to you, our guests, very seriously.. We have drawn up a comprehensive risk assessment as required by Welsh law., The principal risks identified are the transmission of Coronavirus through air-borne droplets (person to person) or through contact with contaminated surfaces (between concurrent guests and successive guests). Scientists have shown the latter to be very rare so our principle focus is upon preventing airborne transmission. As well as keeping you safe however we want you to have a relaxing and enjoyable break so our aim is to make everything as 'normal' as possible whilst maintaining a few safety protocols.

Pre-Arrival Information

Before you arrive we will send out an Arrival Guide with all the details you need. Please take the time to read it. Hopefully it will answer any questions you have, if not, call or email and we will provide further information.


We are now able to check in relatively normally, however we will not be shaking your hand or showing you around your apartment. We ask you to maintain social distancing within our conservatory and whilst it feels strange for us to ask you to stand at the opposite side of the space it does mean we can safely conduct check in without masks. 


Medical Declaration

We have a check-in form that we will ask you to complete and sign asking for details of your party's vaccination history and certifying that none of your party has shown symptoms of Covid-19 or been advised to self-isolate. This form will contain details of all the party for 'Test, Track and Protect' protocols and will be retained according to government guidelines. 

During your Stay

The three Bryn Melyn Apartments share a front door and staircase. We provide hand sanitiser at the front door and ask all visitors to use it on arrival. Otherwise we simply ask you to be considerate of other people if you meet them in the hallway, pass them quickly (with a smile!) and not to block the communal area if you are waiting for someone. Because of the negligible risk of transmission masks are not required simply to access your apartments. 

Outdoor Space

The shared deck contains multiple seating spaces and is large enough for all parties to have their own area. The Hot Tub and BBQ are available but on a booking system with slots available each day to ensure separation.


All guests must vacate their apartment by 10am to allow us to thoroughly clean and sanitise before the next guests. There is a checklist in your apartment of actions before departure. Carrying out these actions will greatly help us and we appreciate your assistance. We will also ask you to sign the Medical Declaration again to confirm you have not shown any symptoms during your stay.


We are following the guidelines issued by the Welsh Government and the Professional Association of Self-Catering (PASC). All apartments will be cleaned, sanitised, re-set and then the doors closed until you check in. We are using industry recommended products (approved for use against Covid-19) to ensure the property is clean and safe. All apartments are also ventilated between guests - according to scientists one of the most effective mechanisms for dispersing any Covid particles.