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'Madeira Revisited': PDF E-Book. 46 pages


Holidays don't always go to plan. The thing about Madeira is that the airport is notoriously difficult and Portuguese air authority regulations quite strict, hence why if there's a 'bit of weather' you can find yourself in Lanzarote for the night! It's not Madeira, but the sunsets are nice... Twenty-fours later and Madeira finally beckons, only for that 'weather' to assert itself once more. Madeira
generally enjoys a benign climate with warm, not excessive, sunshine in the south and plenty of clear days in the mountains to the north. But just occasionally global weather patterns create a much wetter, cloudier spell and this, our second visit, was one such time. To be fair there was sunshine most days, somewhere on the island, but it meant forming plans around the weather rather than simply going wherever we wanted. Still, every cloud has a silver lining and the many clouds we encountered created some truly wonderful images and conditions. We even managed to get into the high mountains a few times. 

Madeira is an island of contrasts, of exceptional beauty and character. We were happy to revisit it
and enjoy what it chose to offer on this occasion. This book is a reflection of that beauty and character. 

Madeira Revisited PDF E-Book

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