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'Madeira: The Unexpected Isle': PDF E-Book. 46 pages


If Madiera has an image in the UK it is probably one of elderly retirees ambling gently around formal gardens in winter sunshine. 'Genteel' and 'old-fashioned' are perhaps teh phrases that come to mind. Which is why Madeira is one of Europes biggest open secrets because this is the island for which the term 'superlative' was coined. From the clean, tidy friendliness of Funcahl to the jaw-dropping mountains of th einterior Madeira will take your precoceptions and trample mercilessly on them, counfounding every assumptoin and prejudice you brought with you. It will exceed expections in almost every possible way, leaving you slack-jawed and breathless at its beauty and lost in admiration at the engineering skills of its inhabitants. It will etch its way into your heart and leave you hungry for more. This book eill show you why....

Madeira: The Unexpected Isle: PDF E-Book

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