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'The Algarve: Life Beyond the Beaches?' PDF E-Book: 44 pages


To the Portugeuse the Algarve feels like somewhere other than Portugal.  Yet for many in the UK meniont 'Portugal' and the first place that comes to mind is the Algarve. There's a reason it's a tourist honey-pot but the unfettered development of the last few decades has transformed the chareacter and charm of much of the 'old' Algarve into something very different. But it is possible to explore beyond the tourist traps and there is still character to discover. And it has to be admitted that some of those beaches are, frankly, magnificent. This book starts in the popular locations but takes you a little further afield to discover what lies beyond the honey-traps. 

The Algarve: Life Beyond the Beaches? PDF E-Book

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