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'The Tao of Theta Bear': PDF E-Book: 34 Pages


Theta Bear is a polar bear. apparently you can tell this because he is white. Polare bears are fierce and vicious hunters but Theta Bear is also a highly educated bear, Apparently you can tell this because he wears a scarf. Like all educated bears Theta Bear likes to travel. He is also, like most bears, incredibly vain, hance when he travels he insists on his picture being taken as often as possible. He also likes to share his opinons and thoughts with anyone who will listen. And some who don't...


This book is a collection of Theta Bear's  thoughts and musings prompted by his experiences whilst visiting the Algarve region of Portugal. he hopes that they may help to illuminate your own, obviously less fulfilling, lives and give you an insight into the mind of a great bear.

The Tao of Theta Bear PDF E-Book

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