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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Phew, what happened, last thing I knew it was early July and we were just open and beginning to understand what all the hard work had been for. Now is it 4 months later, summer is over, Christmas beckons and we're on our own holidays sampling self-catering in an apartment in Madeira. We're looking around at it saying "oh that's nicer than ours" and "oh, no, we do that better!". 

We are currently closed as we've got a minor maintainence job that requires scaffolding over the deck and hot tub so thought it best for safety reasons (and to avoid disappointment to our guests) to close for three weeks while the chimney is removed and part of the roof re-tiled.

We have been overwhealmed by the positive comments we've received from all you lovely people who have stayed with us. And also grateful for the little hints of things that weren't quite right, most of which have been fairly simple to put right. As we enter into the winter we'll see how things work during colder weather. The Hot Tub has been popular, and will continue to be a feature in colder weather.

We have a couple of bookings over Christmas, one apartment is still available if you fancy Christmas by the sea, and we are fully booked for New Year so looking forward to welcoming old friends back and meeting new ones.

The year has been completed in our minds by being shortlisted for the Go North Wales Tourism awards in the self-catering category. Winners will be announced next Thursday (unfortunately we can't go to the gala dinner as we will still be on holiday) so watch this space for more news.

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