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Corona Virus Statement

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

It is understandable that people are asking ‘is it safe to travel’. Whilst we cannot give a definitive answer to that question we can make the following comments:

Covid-19 is a highly infectious virus whose swift spread has been fuelled, in part, through large gatherings and crowds. Most of Wales, and especially the area around Barmouth and Snowdonia as a whole, is sparsely populated. Here you will not encounter crowds but can enjoy the scenery and fresh air along with that unique sense of ‘getting away from it’. The Government’s own guide to levels of infection across the UK shows this part of the country to be a ‘low risk’ area. Our apartments offer the opportunity for you to travel independently and then to be entirely separate from anyone else. They are fully equipped enabling you to cater for yourself if you wish, (although Barmouth remains very much 'open' for business) and with easy access to the hills and footpaths you can still enjoy a relaxing and refreshing break whilst keeping a high degree of separation.

At Bryn Melyn we have always tried to ensure our apartments and rooms are 'spotless' for arriving guests, hence we always clean each apartment thoroughly after check-out, using an anti-bacterial spray on all kitchen surfaces, cupboards, the fridge, the cooker and across the bathrooms. With the threat for this virus growing we are extending that routine to ensure that all door handles are also wiped down, along with drawer handles, bannisters, etc. We will do our utmost to ensure that there is nothing in an apartment that can act as a carrier on check-in.

Medical experts tell us that the most effective way of avoiding catching the virus is to wash our hands thoroughly and regularly. We are therefore providing anti-bacterial soap in all our bathrooms and kitchens and will encourage all our guests to use them. We will replenish the soap as often as necessary. We are also installing a hand sanitising unit at our entrance and will be encouraging all visitors and guests to use this prior to entering.

No one can make any guarantees about this virus, but we can guarantee that we are doing all we can to make your stay as safe and as comfortable as possible. Wales is open for business. Barmouth is open for business. Bryn Melyn is open for business. And we would be delighted to welcome you!

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