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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

rojects of the size and complexity of the Bryn Melyn conversion naturally take a long time to complete and can be quite challenging to live through as for so many weeks it can seem as if all that is happening is destruction and the creation of one massive unholy mess! We started the project here at the beginning of December and it's fair to say that for all of that month and throughout January and well into February it felt as if we were simply living in a building site. Walls were going up, doorways were being created, false ceilings were installed along with sprinkler systems and acoustic insulation, but it all still felt like a mess. The rational part of the brain tells you that this is all part of the process that you must go through to see the end result but it's harder than you imagine to accept that it can ever come to an end.

However there comes a point when it feels like a corner has been turned and in our case that happened around the middle or end of February. Suddenly walls began to be plastered, kitchens were installed, bathrooms started to be tiled and as we stand now, ten days into March, there is a sense that the apartments are coming together, that we are moving into, if not the final phase, then at least the closing stages. As of today, (March 10th), the top floor apartment 'Eryri', is being painted. The kitchen is installed, the electrics are wired in and largely working, the bathroom that is being replaced is tiled and the whole apartment is ready for the acoustic matting and flooring to be laid. Once that's down and the bathroom fittings are installed we can move to the decoration and furnishing stage, so that feels like real progress.

On the first floor the one bed apartment, 'Derwen', is at a similar stage, ready for the flooring to be laid, the bathroom fittings to be installed, and then decorating and furnishing. 'Noddfa', the two-bed apartment on the the first floor, is a little further behind due to the need to enact repairs to an exterior wall which have delayed the completion of the main living area and installation of the kitchen there. However both the master bedroom suite and the second bedroom are plastered, the bathrooms are tiled (or nearly tiled in the case of the second bedroom) and so again we are not far off installing the acoustic flooring and moving onto the decoration phase. 

Externally there is still work to be done. The foundations for the hot tub are being dug and we will move the focus to the communal decked area once we have been able to clear the rubble that has been dumped there! and of course there has been all the work to convert the ground floor and the old 'public spaces' into our private residence, a major amount of work that hasn't really appeared in our posts on Facebook  or here. So, still plenty of work to do but we have crossed the threshold between 'getting worse' and 'getting better' and indeed we might even be reaching the point of 'finishing off' in some areas. 

All in all therefore progress is steady and probably about on target. Watch this space for more news as and when we have it.

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